Broadband Proposal Hurts Rural Areas

Would you worry if the government decided that rural residents deserved second-class status to urban residents in the future?

What would happen if the federal government decided that city roads, bridges, and infrastructure should be better‐constructed and more efficient than the roads in rural America?  What about if policymakers determined that urban consumers should be able to get where they are going and get what they need faster than rural consumers? A new government plan intends to make that true of our nation’s information superhighway – the Internet. And while it’s not the highway we drive on, rural consumers should still be very concerned.

The FCC has released a National Broadband Plan to make high-speed Internet access universally available. But the FCC’s proposal establishes a speed goal that is 25 times slower for rural areas than for urban areas.  Shouldn’t rural communities have access to the same broadband services as our larger towns and cities?

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