Hardy OneNet Speeds Increasing With No Additional Cost!

Gain your hour back with Hardy OneNet’s new faster broadband speeds!

It’s time to Spring Forward! That means we all lose an hour of time when we set our clocks forward an hour. At Hardy, we want to give you that hour back, and what better way to make up time than getting things done faster on the internet? So we’re happy to announce that we’re boosting the standard download speeds for our OneNet internet packages. And to make it even better, the speed increases come with no additional cost! That’s right, we’re increasing the standard download internet speeds for all of our OneNet packages without raising prices.

Our new standard internet speeds for Hardy OneNet packages will be 25 Mbps download/5 Mbps upload; 35 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload; and 45 Mbps download/15 Mbps upload. The new speeds will take effect on Sunday, March 10. It might take a few days for all OneNet internet customers to be upgraded.

We do want to make sure everyone understands how OneNet service works. We ensure that your package speed is being delivered to your OneNet equipment. The fastest and most true assessment of internet speed comes from testing your device when it is connected via cable to our OneNet router. A wired connection has less interference than a wireless signal and is the best measure of the internet speed you’re getting.

Put that money back in your piggy bank! OneNet speeds are increasing with no extra cost.

But of course many devices today use a wireless connection, so your devices aren’t physically connected to our OneNet equipment. This works as well, but several factors can affect the actual speed you’re able to receive wirelessly.

First, the farther away your device is from the OneNet router, the weaker the signal and the slower your connection speed. If your OneNet router is located in a remote area of the house, or the signal must travel through thick masonry or metal, the quality of the wireless signal can be degraded and adversely affect internet speed.

Second, many devices themselves aren’t designed for top internet speeds. If you have a device that is years old, that device might not be capable of receiving the fastest speed. Some mobile phones and tablets that are just a few years old are not designed for wireless speeds higher than 30-35 Mbps. Be sure you know the capabilities of your wireless device.

Third, the number of devices using the internet connection in your home will affect your speed. One wired device using your internet will show a much truer internet speed than 10 wireless devices using your internet connection at the same time. Simply put, your OneNet download speed is the speed you receive to your OneNet equipment. If you then have 10 wireless devices sharing that connection, especially heavy bandwidth applications like streaming movies and playing online games, you will see a lower connection speed for each individual device. A simple analogy is the water pressure in your home. If you have every sink, shower and toilet running in your house at the same time, you will see a decrease in water pressure. When you have many devices all using your internet connection at the same time, you will see a decrease in connection speed to each individual device.

With OneNet’s faster broadband speeds, you’ll be flying on the internet!

To get the truest speed test result, you should connect your device by Ethernet cable to the OneNet router. Make sure that no other applications are running on that device and that no other devices are using your internet at the same time.

Enjoy your new faster speeds from Hardy OneNet! Speed up your business on the internet this spring and get that hour back to do what you want. Spend it on the internet if you want. We understand.