Hardy Unveils Online Directory

We’re happy to announce that Hardy Telecommunications has launched a new online version of its telephone directory. You can find the online directory by going to www.hardytelwvdirectory.com or simply click on the link. You also will find links to the Hardy online directory under the “About” heading on our webpage and under our Side Menu accessed by clicking the plus sign inside the circle at the top right of our webpage.

Hardy has partnered with Yadtel Publishing to design the online directory. You can search for people, businesses, or subjects by typing in names, businesses, phone numbers, addresses, or keywords. You can tailor your search to our white pages or our yellow pages.

Once you have search results displayed, you can view the location on a map if the address is published, or you can view the result in book form, seeing the listing exactly as it appears in our white and/or yellow pages. This includes advertisements placed in our yellow pages.

We invite you to explore all of the functions of our new online directory!